Individual Education Plans - IEP

  • The IEP is the Individual Education Plan.  An IEP is developed for each student who is classified as Eligible for Special Education and Related Services or Eligible for Speech and Language Services.  This plan is developed and updated annually (or more often).


    The IEP includes:

    • Present Levels of Academic and Functional Performance - a summary of the student's current academic levels and overall functioning in their school program. 
    • Goals and Objectives - these are projected goals for the student for their educational plan.
    • Specific educational services to be provided -  a statement of the educational services or programs are needed to meet the planned goals and objectives.
    • The extent to which the student will participate in general educational programs, and documentation of modificaitons and accommodations for all settings.
    • A plan for evaluating the student's progress.
    • Parent concerns
    • A review of accommodations and modifications for state testing
    • Transition services for students beginning at age 14.

    Who develops the IEP?

    The IEP Team will develop the IEP. This includes general and special education teachers, parents, Child Study team personnel, case manager, related service providers, and if appropriate, the student.