• Guidelines for ALL Members of the HT Physical Education Community 

    Promoting behaviors that reduce the spread of Covid 19 

    1. Stay home when sick 
    2. Healthy hygiene 
    3. Wash hands 
    4. Discouraging spitting 
    5. Cover your mouth and face if you sneeze or cough 
    6. Shower immediately upon arriving home and wash hands 
    7. Avoid touching face with hands 
    8. Avoid physical contact 
    9. No high fives or fist bumps 
    10. No hugs 
    11. Students must practice proper social distancing procedures.
    12. Use of cloth face coverings is strongly recommended and 6ft social distancing should be maintained

     Procedures that reduce the spread of Covid-19

    1. Maintaining healthy environments 
    2. No water fountains 
    3. Outdoor activities when possible  
    4. Maintain at least 6 feet of distance between all people present 
    5. Physical barriers and guides 
    6. Pre Set Outlined training areas for each athlete 
    7. Communal spaces 
    8. Closed locker rooms 
    9. Athletes shall come to play and leave immediately after class
    10. No shared objects 
    11. Shared Sports equipment shall disinfected after each use.
    12. All other gear shall be disinfected before and after all training sessions 
    13. Each athlete has own water bottle, hand sanitizer, athletic attire, and towel 
    14. Cleaning and disinfecting frequently touched surfaces between uses and cleaning daily